The technical news of Ecuadorian floriculture

The Metroflor Magazine is a company founded more than 19 years ago by agronomist Arnulfo Pardo and business manager Myriam López. They both had a large experience in the Colombian floricultural sector when they started the magazine. Pardo was a specialist in the post-harvest process and López in human resource management in floricultural companies.

Since then, Metroflor publishes its Colombian edition every two months. On 2022, Metroflor started its tradition in Ecuador, publishing a Magazine specially addressed to Ecuadorian public.

The Magazine has a technical character and its reader are the agronomists, biologists, entomologists, farm owners and other professionals who work in this important sector of Ecuadorian economy. The Metroflor Magazine is distributed for free at the flower farms.

Ecuador is one of the biggest cut flowers’ exporters of the world. Innovation, good management of resources and healthy employment policies are main features of this field. Floriculture creates thousands of positions of direct employment. Metroflor accompanies and documents all the steps involved in the process of production and distribution of the flowers.

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We have been publishing the floriculture and agro magazine for 19 continuous years

Metroflor is the only medium that has withstood throughout the years despite that floriculture has passed through difficult times. Producers, suppliers and workers trust us. We keep them informed of the new technologies, tendencies and events of the sector.

We also organise events in which all sector people meet, negotiate, and refresh their knowledge. We have organised six fairs and multiple seminars on technical issues.

Our commitment is to keep accompanying the sector and start supporting closely other agricultural fields of our country.

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Directives Metroflor Magazine

Angélica María Pardo López - Jefe de Redacción y Directora